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How do I sign-up as a tutor?

Signing up is easy! On every page, in the gray header area there is a link named  Tutors  for you to click on. This link will lead you to the "BE A TUTOR" webpage, where you can select registration options that will better your listing position and appearence. Once you have made your selection(s), click the "CONTINUE REGISTRATION" link to fill out your profile information. And that is it, you're done!

What is the guarantee that I will be chosen?

TutorPages provides many ways for your listing to be recognized by a student.

  1. When a student performs a search, TutorPages made it possible for the result listings to be randomized. Therefore, making it possible for your name to be one of the TOP listings.

  2. Take the time to enter detailed information in your profile. Students/Parents do spend the time to read your profile and take everything in consideration, so be as informative as you can about your tutoring background.

  3. A tip from our TutorPages Team, fill in the Course field in your profile and use common course identities.

  4. TutorPages is offering a variety of very reasonable priced options in order to enhance your listing visibility. One option where you will be guaranteed to be on top of the list is our Priority Registration option ($10/yr). Having the Priority option will set you on top, giving you greater exposure over other tutors. Another option available, is our affordable Highlight Registration option ($5/yr). The Highlight option allows your listing to POP OUT amongst other white background listings, thus definitely bringing attention to your highlighted row.

  5. Registration options do increase your chances significantly, no question. Although, being specific with your tutor information especially the Course field, can be sufficient enough to have a high contact opportunity.
What is the Tutor Recommendations list for?

The Tutor Recommendations list is designed for you to view other searches you may want to make in the future. For example, music lessons or learning a designing software such as Photoshop. We want you to acknowledge that TutorPages is designed to meet all your needs that concerns learning. If a listing interests you, click on the name in order to view their profile.

How much do I get paid?

You charge what you want! The hourly rate is at your own discretion and will be discussed between you and the students/parents that contact you. Our company does not get involved with what you charge and how you go about in obtaining your payment.

Where do we meet the students for the tutorials?

The meeting place is at your discretion as well. This will be discussed with the students/parents that will be in contact with you. FYI, parents usually like to have their children tutored at the school they attend or at their place of residence. For independent students, the usual meeting places are libraries and coffee shops.

How can I delete my account?     back to top

You may delete your account at anytime. Simply contact us and we will remove your account within 24 hrs.


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