Tutor Faq

Yes you can. Login to your dashboard and go to the subscriptions page. On this page you will be able to activate new subscriptions and/or renew existing ones.

Easy. You will have to login in first, then proceed to search for postings that interest you and click on "message me". From here you will directly send a message to the student.

Login to your dashboard. Go to your dashboard page, on the left side of the dashboard where your name, email, and phone number information are you will find a DELETE button. When you click on the delete button, your profile will then be purged. If you decide to come back to our community, you will be able to use the same email address for a new profile.

Student Faq

Simple. Click on the Login button situated on the top right of all pages. You will discover a SIGNUP AS STUDENT button to proceed to have a profile. Once you are registered, you will then have access to all features associated to a students profile on TutorPages.com.

Definitely. You will have to use two separate email addresses in order to have both types of profiles.

All student posts will be purged after a seven day duration. You will be able to create a new posting during this time or after it has expired.

Visit our contact us page and request to submit your blog. You are always welcome to submit your opinion on anything that you are passion about. All blogs will be reviewed before being posted so please make sure your content is related to life as a student and/or tutor in order to be accepted on our blog page.